Patent for treatment of leishmaniasis

Thanks to the professional consulting of TM Tamayo, a company dedicated to provide services for the protection of industrial property. The University of Caldas obtained a patent for the therapeutic treatment of Leishmaniasis in the United States.

In a ceremony presided by the principal of Caldas University, Felipe César Londoño, the Governor of Caldas, Guido Echeverri, and the Superior Council of the Institution. Was handed the certificate issued by the Patents and Trademarks Office of the States United States (USPTO).
This important achievement for the University, is due to the collaborative work of researchers Luz Amalia Ríos, Rogelio Ocampo and Sandra Duque (University of Caldas); Sara Robledo and Iván D. Velez (University of Antioquia), and David Cedeño and Marjorie Jones (University of Illinois).

All of the researchers highlighted the importance of this invention, as they may help to solve the effects of this disease. Which is caused by the bite of an insect and causes ulcerous lesions on the skin.

Carlos Tamayo, director of the TM Tamayo studio, presented the certificate to the aforementioned researchers. Highlighting their persistence in the patent search and reminded them of the importance of protecting these scientific findings. And the crucial task of finding marketing channels to ensure that those solutions could be reach by all the citizens.

The patent application was made through the PCT treaty. Which seeks the invention protection in different countries simultaneously.