The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 63 newly granted patents for Apple Inc. today.

The opposing company noted that the requested sign could be confused with its brand due to the similarities they had

Technology has become one of the world's greatest weapons against COVID-19. It not only allows platforms to be developed to help businesses and individuals who are not coping better with the economic crisis.

The Covid-19 pandemic, devastating as it is, is producing some triumphs of collaborative research and innovation, as everyone from the World Health Organization to national laboratories, pharmaceutical companie

While the planet continues to watch the development of the covid-19, the United States has just won another battle against China in the "war" of geopolitical and technological interests.

Nintendo has won the 19 lawsuits that Gamevice had put to the Japanese company for the design of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers.

Applications to register trademarks reminiscent of the deadly novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, are on a rapid rise in Korea, according to data from the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

The decision was made after knowing an accident in which two minors lost consciousness when inhaling the helium gas used to inflate the product called “Edible Balloons.

A newly discovered Canon patent has photographers wondering why nobody thought of this before. The US Patent, filed on August 30th and published today, shows the company is working on a universal battery grip t