Apple begins selling the OneDrop glucose meter in its stores

Health is one of the great pillars of Apple at the moment. Innovation in this sector will be key to provide more functions to the Apple Watch, a device that has evolved to stagnate mainly in health and sports. Apple's efforts to achieve this are seen in the investment made in their patents and, above all, in the purchase of companies dedicated to this aspect. Thanks to CNBC we can know that Apple has begun to sell in its stores the glucose measurement system OneDrop, compatible with the Apple Watch and the Health application. This product, in addition, comes with an added gift of one year of personalized training from the hand of a professional educator.

Thanks to patents published by the US Patent and Trademark Office we can know that Apple is working on a non-invasive glucose measurement system. Until you can develop it, test it and then market it, you have the responsibility to offer users a product that works and is fully compatible with all its products.


This is OneDrop, a product that allows you to detect blood glucose and register it both in your personal application and in the Health app. So that we can have a constant control of blood glucose, very important for diabetics. The integration of a "material" product that extracts reliable data to an application is key to understanding the success of this type of gadgets, but above all the integration of apps-products.

Thanks to CNBC we can know that Apple is selling the OneDrop glucose meter for a price of 69.65 dollars, the same price available on the official OneDrop website. In addition, this package has a year of training by a professional educator that will guide users in the world of exercise and daily life.


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