Apple has just registered 3 new and interesting patents

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has recently published a total of 41 new Apple patents. But it is not something extraordinary, it is absolutely common. The apple logo company usually registers dozens and dozens of patents every week, which does not imply that they will develop all these ideas.

Today we are going to focus on three specific patents. Three patents that are related to health monitoring in iPhone and Apple Watch systems. It is clear that for Apple, health is an important issue, so much so that at the end of 2019 Tim Cook assured that Apple's greatest contribution to humanity has been in the area of ​​health during an interview in Japan.

So everything seems to indicate that Apple will continue to try to innovate in the health sector through new functions in its technology products. And for this they must develop some ideas such as those present in these three new patents.

These are Apple's new health-related patents


Over the past few years, Apple has focused on a number of technologies that allow users to measure their heart's activity. And today we take a look at three of Apple's new patents that could make a difference in this category of health monitoring functions.

IPhone fingerprint scanner


Apple's 10,524,671 patent shows a method that would take the iPhone to a new level of health monitoring. This method would offer users the possibility of using a fingerprint scanner to compute health data. They do not specify that it is an iPhone, but in the demonstrative images we see a smartphone. Be that as it may, it would be a device that would require a camera, an ambient lighting sensor and a proximity sensor.

The electronic device would use the camera and proximity sensor to emit light on a part of a user's body (such as a finger or the palm of the hand) that touches a surface of the device. This process would be intended to compute data on the activity of the heart, electrocardiograms and other indications of physiological condition.



Heart rate sensors


Patent 10,524,735 is mainly related to iPhone and Apple Watch. Describes methods to identify instances of events during which certain predetermined patterns or characteristics occur in a physiological signal. That is, a system responsible for detecting irregularities in the health of a user, specifically in the rhythm of the heartbeat.

One of these physiological signals could be an electrocardiogram. The sensors configured to monitor these signals are susceptible to movement or other sources of noise, which can reduce the accuracy of the measurement. The patent shows a device with a light detector to determine a physiological signal.


patente 2

A calorimeter for intermittent exercises


A calorimeter, as its name implies, is an instrument capable of measuring the heat emitted or received by a body. And Apple's 10,524,670 patent makes the Apple Watch a device capable of measuring heat during fitness exercises.

As indicated by Patently Apple, the Apple Watch would be able to offer very accurate and individualized data with a built-in calorimeter. Other systems could provide more adequate information on calories burned with calorimetry processes for a variety of different physical exercises such as walking, running, dancing, cycling or weight lifting.

But it will not only measure the heat of a user's body during the exercises, but also at times when a more sedentary life is led in order to warn users that they need to exercise more and burn calories.


patente 3

And these have been the three patents that Apple has recently registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Three patents related to health and that would bring great functions to the iPhone and Apple Watch.


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