Apple patents a localization system for gas detection

Technology offers us security beyond all the entertainment and productivity that we already know. However, new security and privacy are key for users, who must be aware of the importance of keeping their data safe. The user must know what data companies have and how they share them.

Apple has patented a detection system and / or location of spaces by gas detection. Currently, with Find my iPhone we can locate a device using GPS and Internet connection, but this mechanism would increase the information that this application already gives the user.

Gas detection improvements, the Apple patent

The name of the patent registered by Apple and published by the US Patent and Trademark Office is "Improved location detection using integrated sensors in electronic devices". In the images and in the description of the patent itself we can see how the mechanism is to introduce environmental sensors to the devices, which will be able to detect gases in the air. In this way, a mapping could be made of the level of ozone, carbon dioxide, oxygen and other gases, which would be added to the data that the iPhone itself has of our environment.

With this patent Apple not only aims to improve the system of locations, but also adapt it to interiors so that depending on the level of gases that are in a space can be deduced if that device is in an open, outdoors, closed ... behind this patent there are endless possibilities linked to mathematical algorithms related to environmental sciences.

This function would be interesting not only for the iPhone, but also as an integration to HomePod. If this device detected high concentrations of carbon monoxide (toxic and deadly to humans) would warn the user to leave the room as soon as possible.


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