Huawei presents a patent detailing its next alternative to screen notch

In an attempt to offer customers smartphones with a minimal amount of bevels around the screen, OEMs have adopted different first-class design styles.

The notch is the most popular option today, because it offers a higher screen ratio, although it is not very pleasant among users ... at least not a significant number of these. Most fans would prefer not to have a phone with the notch. But, as the perforated screens or selfie cameras are already available on some devices, Huawei is working on a new alternative to the notch that could debut on some of its models.

The emergent camera is one of the most interesting options to avoid the "annoying" screen cut that annoys more than one user, and it is taking more popularity in the industry with considerable speed. However, manufacturers have to deal with the challenges of having a sliding mechanical design that raises concerns about durability.

Huawei patent that evades screen notch


Huawei can have a viable alternative to the notch that does not involve the use of a pop-up camera or self-portrait camera, nor of screen drilling.

The smartphone, as contemplated in the patent document, has a screen without notch that is joined by a thin chin and side bevels. By all accounts, Huawei is playing with the possibility of a tight upper bezel.

The upper edge is curved in a pattern similar to the design that some Meitu mobile phones boasted. The outer curve creates enough space to house the selfie camera and the audio receiver speaker. However, the design does not seem spectacular. In fact, it may taste a bit bitter, because it has an old air.

Huawei's design will probably be used only in the low-end and mid-range segment when it is ready for commercialization. In any case, given that this plan is essentially a patent at this stage, there is no guarantee that the technology giant will ever launch a phone with this type of design.


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