IBM patents a smartwatch with eight folding screens that turns into a tablet

We have seen smart watches that become mobile, but it is the first time we see this: IBM has patented a smartwatch with eight folding screens that becomes a tablet.

It may seem like an extravagant idea, but IBM's patents should not be taken lightly. Let's not forget that it is the company with the most technological patents in the world, and the inventor of the PC. It has been developing technology for more than 100 years, and earns hundreds of millions of euros a year simply for the collection of patent royalties.

The Lets Go Digital website has taken the IBM smartwatch patent that becomes a tablet and has been computerized, so that we can conceptualize it better.

As we can see in the opening image of the news, the smart watch shows one of the screens. According to the patent, the rest of the folding screens, which can be mounted in a configuration of 4 or 8 folding screens, are extracted from one side to obtain tablets of different sizes.

It is like folding a folio into eight pieces, and then unfolding it into four or eight pieces. The tablet is attached to the watch strap. The patent does not indicate whether it can be released or not, to be used as a conventional tablet.

The main weak point of this configuration is that when they are folded the eight panels have to bulge quite a bit, as it is intuited in the first rendered image.

In any case, we must bear in mind that many patents do not always become reality, or are registered only so that others do not do it before, or so that they do not copy the idea.

The truth is that IBM has been away from the mainstream market for some time, focusing on servers in the cloud and professional solutions for companies, and it would be shocking to see an IBM smartwatch with eight folding screens on the market that becomes a tablet.

Folding screens will play an important role in the devices of the future, but their startup is being slow and problematic. The products on sale have barely sold, being very expensive, and others like the Samsung Galaxy Fold have suffered design problems that have delayed its launch.


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