NVIDIA is sued for infringement of 5 patents on its graphics cards

NVIDIA is not in luck during this week, because, if we add to the news of their vulnerabilities the demands filed by patents of this article, we could say that the month of May is not being propitious. Up to five patents are being challenged within the NVIDIA processors, where the technology would be used for games and supercomputers.

A subsidiary of Xperi Corp in charge of granting intellectual property licenses has been the author of the lawsuits against NVIDIA in the US District Court of Delaware. UU This process is mainly due to the company's belief that Huang's are using their semiconductor technology and their patents on their processors, where they have not really specified what they are referring to specifically.

Apparently, it has tried to avoid the demand for these patents, since for several years both companies have been talking to try to reach an agreement, where apparently the negotiations have been finally broken and the litigation will give way to a trial that is foreseen complicated for both parties.

The patents violated, according to Xperi, would be:

(5,666,046; 6,232,231; 6,317,333; 6,849,946 and 7,064,005) all related to the design and implementation of semiconductors. The dispute seems to turn into silicon itself and at the same time into the design, where the problem is that NVIDIA is not a manufacturer of microchips, but the orders are entrusted to an external company, in this case with the RTX to TSMC.

Xperi does not justify this, since although it is true that the chips depend on another company, the design is totally integral to NVIDIA, where the architectural designs are executed and studied by their engineers. Obviously, Xperi develop technology and patent it, where they have their audio and image codecs brands, such as DTS: X, IMAX or Virtual: X, but at the same time they work together with companies such as Sony, LG, Samsung, Tencent and Alibaba.

We can not say that Xperi does not fight for its interests, since the demand to NVIDIA is not the first one that faces them against a giant of the technology. Companies such as Samsung or Broadcom have already succumbed in the courts before it, where both companies reached an undisclosed agreement through significant sums of money and patent licensing agreements for several years.

This has much merit, since currently the capitalization in the Xperi market is only 1.2 billion dollars. If we compare it with NVIDIA and its 102.7 billion, we can understand the significant differences that surround each other.

Having set the precedent for Samsung and Broadcom, where of the five currently infringed patents 3 are shared in these lawsuits against NVIDIA, it does not appear that Xperi is going to be very questioned and may have easy to prove that NVIDIA has used its patented intellectual property.

NVIDIA for its part has kept silence, but given that they have not reached an agreement after years of dialogue, they are sure to have their lawyers up in arms preparing for their defense.


Taken from: https://hardzone.es/2019/05/13/nvidia-demandada-infraccion-5-patentes-pr...