A Samsung patent shows a Galaxy Buds with interchangeable batteries

The Samsung Galaxy Buds headphones are one of the biggest rivals that currently have Apple AirPods. Since they were introduced, these wireless devices have achieved some updates at the software level but in the future the new models may have some more hardware changes.

A Samsung patent published this week by the United States Patent and Trademark Office has unveiled a different version of the Galaxy Buds that would include interchangeable batteries.
It is true that patents are not a guarantee that the design will reach consumers, many are forgotten along the way, but if in the end the company approves the idea, this would be the beginning of the road and give us an idea of ​​what Samsung is preparing to stand up to its competitors.

The patent discovered by the website Patently Mobile, describes two wireless headphones almost identical to the current Galaxy Buds that would have the novelty of having a battery the size of a coin that could be extracted and changed by another to continue listening to music.

Moreover, the indications ensure that the two devices would continue to work when we are changing the batteries. These would be extracted with the power button that would unlock the slot to remove the battery and put another.

On the other hand, Patently Mobile also talks about another possibility, which would be to connect the headphones to a charging base with a small connector in the design of the Galaxy Buds to be able to charge them quietly at home when we are not using them, saving us the need to change the battery.

 However, although the patent has been published today by the US agency, Samsung presented it in May 2018, which would mean that this was one of the designs that were taken into account before presenting the final Samsung Galaxy Buds at the beginning of the year , which can now be obtained for a price of 159.90 euros.

We will have to wait for the brand to launch a new version over time to see if its decision is reconsidered and decides to include extractable batteries in the design.


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