The SIC held the first meeting of self-regulation of the valuation sector

The first Self-Regulation Meeting of the Valuation Sector was successfully held in Bogota on November 25, 2016. This meeting convened more than 300 participants and counted with the participation of important national speaker, who discussed the implementation of the self-regulation model created with Law 1673 of 2013. They also explained the importance of the activity of the valuators for the national economy.

One of the main conclusions of the event was that the measures adopted in 2013 positively affected the activity of the valuators in Colombia, giving quality to their work and establishing essential parameters.

Thus, in the act of installation, the Superintendent of Industry and Commerce, Pablo Felipe Robledo Del Castillo, highlighted with practical examples the importance of advancing quality assessments to ensure suitability to business and transactions of the economy.

To conclude the Meeting, Mr. Alejando Giraldo López, Deputy Superintendent for Technical Regulations and Legal Metrology, insisted that the SIC is fully committed with the valuators of the country, so that they faithfully fulfill the functions entrusted to them throughout the process of implementation of the self-regulation model, and obviously in the control and surveillance of the sector.

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