The SIC launched the 11th edition of the Nice Classification for applications of distinctive signs in Colombia

From January 1, 2017, all the applications of distinctive signs must be adjusted to the 11th Edition of the Nice Classification of Products and Services. In comparison to the previous edition, there were changes in the elimination, inclusion and reclassifications of existing products and services.

Among the products and services that were completely removed from the list of Classification it is worth mentioning the following: artificial resins, class 1; dog lotions, class 5; metal workbenches, class 6; spacers, class 7; fuel economizers and stoves, class 11; acoustic warning devices for bicycles, class 12; Ornaments and garments [articles of jewelry], class 14; bindings, class 16; wood boxes or plastic materials, class 20; straps, class 21 and bed sets, class 24.

On the other hand, the new products and services included were the following: transmission oils and raw polymer resins, class 1; animal shampoos [non-medicated hygiene preparations], class 3; freeze-dried and / or homogenized food for medical use, class 5; Insecticidal shampoos for animals, class 5; antibacterial soaps, class 5; after-shave medical lotions, class 5; spatulas for artists and sculptor's chisels, class 8; disinfection apparatus for medical use, class 11; decorative festive lights garlands, class 11; layers of hairdressing, class 25; guacamole [ground avocado], class 29; dulce de leche, class 30; production of teleshopping programs, class 35; sterilization of medical instruments, class 37; pest control services not related to agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture and forestry, class 37; provision of cash from ATMs, class 39; provision of non-downloadable films and television programs by means of video-on-demand services, class 41; consulting on Internet security and data security, class 42 and holding religious ceremonies, class 45.

Finally, the main reclassifications of products and services were the following: disinfectant soaps, from class 3 to class 5; antirheumatic bracelets and rings, from class 5 to class 10; Electrothermal socks, from class 9 to class 11; sugarcuts, nutcracker, breakers and ladles for wines, from class 8 to class 21 and needle threading, from class 8 to class 26.

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