The SIC launched the campaign "One gallon is one gallon"

The SIC launched the campaign named "One gallon is one gallon", which aims to ensure that Service Stations (EDS, for its acronym in Spanish) provide consumers a precise and accurate measure in the supply of fuel.

In order to achieve this objective, officials of the SIC will perform new inspection visits in more than five thousand (5,000) service stations located throughout the national territory. Moreover, the Metrology Verification Consortium (CVM, for its acronym in Spanish), an accredited inspection body that was designated by the SIC to perform metrological verification on fuel dispensers and scales, will also carry out verifications.

The verifiers will apply the new procedure established in the Technical Regulation for Fuel Suppliers, which will guarantee greater precision and accuracy in the measurements. If the measurement instruments of the stations are proven to work properly, a yellow seal will be imposed on them in order to identify the suppliers that are delivering fair measures.

Visits will be carried out on a regular basis once a year, without prejudice to surprise inspections carried out by the authority whenever it is considered necessary.

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