WiFi 6: What does it mean for users?

The WiFi 6 standard is already a reality and will be the beginning of a new era. This is how the Internet we know will change.

Last Monday, the WiFi Alliance announced that the new WiFi 6 standard has been officially certified.

WiFi 6 has been with us for a while now. Some high-end devices, such as the latest iPhone and Samsung, have already been released with this technology. However, the recent official certification guarantees compatibility with older devices and means that users can find routers and other adapted devices in the market.

The new WiFi 6 standard is a new version of WiFi that we know, but that allows short-range connections with greater speed and quality.

That is why the president of the WiFi Alliance, Edgar Figueroa, considers it "the beginning of a new era of WiFi". WiFi 6 may “offer better performance in any situation for users; greater connectivity capacity for service providers, so that they can improve coverage for their customers; and new opportunities for advanced applications, ”he says.

For his part, the Director of Research of the International Data Corporation, Phil Solis, relates that higher quality to "higher speeds and greater efficiency", and notes that WiFi 6 expands the role of WiFi technology "as a platform for critical communication «.


More speed
As for the maximum speed reached, the speeds of each connection, according to the WiFi Alliance, could be increased from 7 Gbps to 10 Gbps with this change from WiFi 5 to WiFi 6.

With this new version we try to increase the speed of each device while increasing the number of connected devices at the same time, which is a double challenge. However, thanks to 1024-QAM coding and OFDMA technology, the latency of each connection is reduced, and the speed of both downloading and data transfer is increased.

What does it mean that the power and stability are greater? For example, that streaming video playback in high resolution remains stable.


Simultaneous connections
On the other hand, WiFi 6 will allow these speeds for networks that can have up to 12 devices connected at the same time. In addition, through the certification program, computers, smartphones, Smart TVs, game consoles can be connected ...

The fact that several devices can connect without losing speed is not only positive for the Internet of Things (IoT), which is expected to increase its presence, but is an important aspect to maintain speed in public networks or even in a home With several connected people.


Security and energy consumption
The WiFi 6 also brings security news. The encryption of the passwords goes from 128 to 192 bits, so even the simplest passwords are more difficult to decipher.

Finally, this new version of WiFi reduces the energy consumption of connected devices, since they do not have to devote as much energy to monitoring the network, as was the case in WiFi 5 or older versions.

It is expected that the different telemarketers begin to implement routers compatible with WiFi 6 and that all mobile terminals include this version, even those of lower ranges. For now, users can now buy compatible routers and devices, although the standardization process will be somewhat slower.


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