From Videogame Chronicles they have discovered a new patent registered in Japan by Sony.

The EcoSwing consortium has developed a full-size superconducting generator for a 3.6 megawatt wind turbine and tested it at a wind power plant in Denmark.

The opposition filed by Mark Usa was declared unfounded by the entity because the brand they claimed had previously been denied

SIC took into account the opposition presented to determine that the other elements of the signs are not entirely different

Apple is continuing to do exceptionally well with its AirPods lineup, and has developed it further with the recent launch of the AirPods Pro.

The Peru brand would only be duly registered in 45 countries in the world due to global legislation problems

Ergonomics is one of the aspects that is usually less talked about when analyzing an electronic device, but it is certainly important.

The brand registered the patent for driver seats that can accommodate the different levels of driving that their future cars can offer.

At the request of Seven Towns, a British company that manages, among others, intellectual property rights on the "Rubik's Cube", the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) registered in 1999 as a t