The patent filed by Coinbase ensures that transactions through this route would be free but would take about two days to confirm.

Capcom files new trademarks for Dino Crisis, Power Stone, Darkstalkers, and more

Apple did not invent the stylus, and in fact Steve Jobs himself was little in favor of these digital pencils, at least for the iPhone.

The Japanese company has registered the "NieR" brand in its home country, which fuels the rumors of a new title or remastering after the opening of the tenth anniversary website a few days ago.

Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis has backed down in a patent dispute over the leukaemia therapy Kymriah following opposition from NGOs.

The sports brand Nike plans to turn its products into digital assets tokenized in the Ethereum Blockchain.

The Australian state of New South Wales launched “high definition detection cameras” on Sunday, designed to catch drivers who use cell phones behind the wheel.

To accompany the release of Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu!