The Chinese newspaper Global Times revealed that the Chinese technology company Huawei is moving forward in the deployment of its own operating system and in its trademark registration in the European Union to

The inventors of these patents granted by the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC) are the professors Edgar Antonio Reyes Montaño and Nohora Angélica Vega Castro of the National University of Colombia

Tesla is apparently working on a new type of fabric that is both soft and durable in order to make seating in its electric vehicles last longer.

IN 2013, THE Supreme Court unanimously struck down patents on two human genes—BRCA1 and BRCA2—associated with breast and ovarian cancers.

The registration was granted despite the opposition to the proceeding by the Antioquian company Educanadá S.A.S

Recently, the pharmaceutical giant Bayer revealed that it was being the victim of intense cyber attacks. Those responsible could be Wicked Group, a group of cybercriminals of Chinese origin.

After the comparative comparison between the plaintiff marks it was defined that in fact the content to registration was not viable

Supreme Italia, the counterfeit business posing as the popular streetwear brand, has lost its registered trademarks in China.

The brand could not be registered because the Superindustry considered it similar to the previously registered one, Squishy Mushy