The creation of Memojis can be complex for some, which is why Apple has patented a way to create yours from a photograph.

During the Microsoft Event of presenting a series of quite interesting devices but there were two, precisely those that will take the longest to reach the market, which focused the eyes of all attendees.

Ford has registered a patent for a new drone that can take off from the trunk of its cars, which they claim could be used for safety reasons and in case of emergencies, such as to notify the authorities or road

When the smartphone market began to fill up with notch devices, we knew we were facing a passing trend.

The General Court of the European Union (TGUE) has given the reason to Rubio Snacks, based in Bullas - Murcia, and has rejected the appeal that GRUPO BIMBO filed against the denial of registration of its EU bra

The Swiss food multinational wants to register the FITNESS brand in the EU.

La Sabana Avesco Commercial and Industrial Company represents Kokoripop

«The alternatives to plastic containers are reusable and rechargeable. There's no more".

Company Expands Intellectual Property Portfolio with Two New Patents