The surgery to Carol Mariana Acosta, which took nine hours, was performed by specialists from the Cardiovascular Foundation of Colombia (FCV) in Bucaramanga.

A federal judge in the United States concluded that Qualcomm operated unfairly with its patents and technologies that feed millions of smartphones both in the United States and worldwide.

Personal assistants are advancing at a great pace, but the reality is that in many cases, our interactions with them are still very mechanical and unnatural.

Over the past few years, Apple has demonstrated how its dream is to provide its consumers with a wireless future.

For no one is a secret that blockchain is a technology that is growing more and more, and basically there are thousands of companies that adopt this technology in one way or another; but it is not a secret eith

The veto of Google to the firm is a chapter more than in a commercial war of planetary dimension in which the background is the domain of the technology of the future.

After three years in conflict, Huawei and Samsung resolved their legal dispute over patents. The terms of the agreement have not been disclosed.

Zara, Ikea, BBVA or Mastercard have presented new logos in recent months and all have in common their greater simplicity

Apple recently registered the patent for a detection system for its future cars in low visibility conditions such as fog or snow.