NVIDIA is not in luck during this week, because, if we add to the news of their vulnerabilities the demands filed by patents of this article, we could say that the month of May is not being propitious.

According to an analysis of patent applications in the last decade, the United States is losing its advantage over China and other countries when it comes to innovations related to artificial intelligence, bloc

The SIC determined that the sign in process was not related to the grounds of non-registrability

Zara wins the litigation against her Italian word 'twin', Le Delizie Zara.

Microsoft has another patent up its sleeve that could further advance the company's focus on accessibility for the video game industry.

In an attempt to offer customers smartphones with a minimal amount of bevels around the screen, OEMs have adopted different first-class design styles.

Technology offers us security beyond all the entertainment and productivity that we already know.

In 2008 a Pereira company registered the brand "Laysa", but the multinational Pepsico did not like it and sued the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce for accepting the registration.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds headphones are one of the biggest rivals that currently have Apple AirPods.