IBM has presented this week to z15, a large computer for business use that is defined as the safest, specially designed to preserve the privacy and security of data in any cloud.

Windshield wiper systems have not evolved much since their appearance in 1903.

The design registered in Japan advances possible folding controls to favor the ergonomics of the hybrid console of the Grand N; Will they come true?

The opposition company claimed the graphic similarity for colors and packaging.

At the moment, the engineer has paid 2 million dollars in bail and has been forced to wear an ankle brace for the high risk of leakage.

US retail giant Walmart has filed a patent application for a drone communication system that is based on blockchain technology.

The isreali camera technology company Corephotonics filed a lawsuit against Apple saying that current iPhones that use dual cameras infringe several of their patents.

The American technology giant IBM has applied to the US Patent and Trademark Office for a patent for a blockchain-enabled web browser.

The ‘stone’ particle was key in the decision to grant sign registration