Ferrero, the company that owns Nutella, bought Kellogg cookie brands in the United States. Before, I had acquired Nestlé's chocolate business. The plan to sweep what others throw away.

Before they did Toyota with Lexus or Citroën with DS. Now, Seat joins the trend of launching a new 'premium' brand, but it follows its own path: the Cupra models, as well as being luxurious, carry a good dose of sportsmanship.

INTA scientists developed an antibody capable of neutralizing the viral agent that causes severe diarrhea in children. It was chosen as the best patent in Latin America.

According to this portfolio, there is now a strategic platform to make the orange economy a driver of investment and employment.


Tear gas is blown through the air vents if an "illegitimate engine start" is detected


The terms were not disclosed in a court file announcing the agreement and the company officials could not be contacted immediately.

For the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce a country that has the capacity to generate knowledge and transform it into technologies applicable to industry, generates wealth, quality of life and economic development.

The reason why the Canadian Crocs footwear factory is winning the battle against the Evacol Cali for copying the Swedes, has to do with three-dimensional brand protection.