The organization that brings together authors from around the world today temporarily expelled the General Society of Authors and Publishers of Spain (SGAE), but stressed the "positive developments" of the new

Apple has won a patent for a folding screen that could be used on iPhones and other devices.

The requested sign could not be granted because it was considered that there were similarities with 'Civic'

Jaguar Land Rover Limited filed opposition based on subparagraph A of Article 136 of Decision 486 Andina

Don Jacobo Desserts alleged similarities of the mark in process with his own 'Sweet Art', also from the food sector

It was announced by the Vice President of Huawei Technologies, Lu Yong, that in 2018 the 5G patents are superior in quantity to all the companies in the United States, adding a total of 16 thousand worldwide, w

One of the news that tend to be more interesting, at least when we are passionate readers of technology, is that which refers to patents.

The surgery to Carol Mariana Acosta, which took nine hours, was performed by specialists from the Cardiovascular Foundation of Colombia (FCV) in Bucaramanga.

A federal judge in the United States concluded that Qualcomm operated unfairly with its patents and technologies that feed millions of smartphones both in the United States and worldwide.