After more than two years of judicial battles, Apple and Qualcomm signed an armistice on the payment of royalties for patents.

Maybe it's not intentional that we show our favorite brands when we upload a photo in our networks, sometimes yes; but, as we publish images about our life, Facebook wants to take advantage of this.

The Argentine National Patent Administration has granted the patent for its Method for Certification of sending email.

 A new report reveals that Microsoft is working on new smart wireless headphones that will be integrated with Cortana as a novelty, noise cancellation technology to avoid external noise and other interesting features.

A patent allows to take the spectators to a live event from the seat, and another replaces the audience in a sports game.

Each time the manufacturers try to find more unlocking methods for their devices more secure and difficult to cheat, one of the first manufacturers to implement 3D face-unlocking (Face ID) using biometric senso

Demand for patents for graphic technologies is won by AMD against LG Electronics, which is a big problem for the company.

Demanding Apple is something very juicy for companies around the world, because given the large volume of sales they have, if a patent infringement lawsuit prospers, they can end up with millions of dollars in

 Kaliningrad, Russia, Apr 10 (Prensa Latina) The idea of ​​a new phase in the defense of intellectual property, in the face of a greater digitization of content and its dissemination, was captured today in the