ORGANIZATION for Colombia and Latin-America

Our Team

Our team of Industrial Property consultants consists of professionals specializing in the law, engineering, biotechnology and pharmaceutical chemistry; ensuring you will receive the technical and legal expertise that Industrial Property demands.

Carlos Enrique Tamayo - Director

Carlos Orlando Maya - Patent Specialist

Lady Mojica - IP Specialist

Carlos Fernando Tamayo - IP Transfer & Valuation

Maria Tamayo - Trademark Attorney

Yenny Bernal - Trademark Consultor

Sebastian Gomez - Litigation Attorney

Milena Mejia - Regulatory Matters Attorney

Juanita Triana - Patent and Variety Attorney

Sandra Garcia - Valuation of Intangibles

Alejandro Lozano Tamayo - IP Agent

Vanessa Munoz - Patent Draftsmant

Juan Acevedo - Media & Art Consultant


Our Mision

TM TAMAYO is an outstanding and dynamic organization that offers advisory services, administration, pursuit, implementation, supervision and control for the protection of intangible assets and new creations.
The field of intellectual property is constantly evolving and our firm is more than capable of meeting the challenge. Our firm is composed of specialists dedicated to remaining at the forefront of their fields in order to provide outstanding service to our clients.



TM TAMAYO was established in the year of 1990 as an answer to the latent necessity of the market of protecting trademarks and patents in Latin America. Four years later, soon after the prevailing globalization process, it consolidates in the city of Bogotá (Colombia) to operate as a consultant agency for Colombian investors and managers in the protection of their main asset: The Industrial Capital.

1995 - 2004

During the 90's its expansion continues through its agents in Latin America, U.S.A. and the Caribbean, offering consultantship for the protection and registration of distinctive signs and patents. TM TAMAYO collaborates with the managerial growth of the continent when lending consultantship in the application of invention patents in the international phase in more than 151 countries through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

2005 - Present

At the moment the company participates in an active way in processes of commercialization, licensing and negotiation of technology that generate retribution for royalties of patents; working jointly with State, private entities and research institutes.



Areas of Experience
- Pharmaceutical and Chemical
- Biotechnology
- Industrial and Mechanical
- Electrical and Electronic
- Energy
- Financial Services
- Transportation
- Software and Information Technologies
- Consulting Services
- Food, Beverages and Tobacco
- Telecommunications

Specialized Services
- Patents
- Trademarks
- Copyright & Media
- Industrial Designs
- Licensing & IP Transactions
- Royalties
- IP Management & Strategic Counselling