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Special for IP Agents


Our team of Intellectual Property consultants consists of professionals specializing in the law, engineering, biotechnology and pharmaceutical chemistry; ensuring you will receive the technical and legal expertise that Industrial Property demands. 


Why should you join our team?

•    We are a professional parter in Latin America for applications of trademarks, patents and negotiation of royalties.

•    Easiness in steps through simplified applications of documentation and legalization that allows multiple filings of patents and trademarks.

•    Standardized price for all the steps of applications of trademarks and patents.

•    Systematized pursuit and on-line reports of the status of your cases.

•    We work under the philosophy of strategic alliances that guarantee the durability, confidence in the processes and mutual agreements in the client's benefit.

Areas of Experience & Specialized Services

- Areas of Experience
- Pharmaceutical and chemical
- Biotechnology
- Industrial and mechanical
- Electrical and electronic
- Energy
- Financial services
- Transportation
- Software and Information technologies
- Consulting services
- Food, beverages and tobacco
- Telecommunications

Specialized Services

- Patents
- Trademarks
- Copyright & Media
- Industrial Designs
- Licensing & IP Transactions
- Royalties
- Valuation of intangibles
- IP Management & Strategic Counselling