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The exclusive use for commercial exploitation of a patented invention is a right conferred by the State through a title.


We add value to your main asset: the trademark
The right to exclusive use of a trademark is acquired by registering it with the trademark office.


Knowledge management for capital generation Innovative developments can be commercialized or transferred through the licensing of a protected technology.

Unfair competition

Any conduct that has the purpose or effect of diverting the clientele from the activity, commercial services or foreign establishments is considered unfair.

Health Records

Food, drugs, cosmetics, toiletries, medical and dental devices require their mandatory registration for their commercialization. Your company can feel safe with the right advice to obtain your health permits

Intangible Valuation

We have an ideal team to carry out the valuation of intangible assets, special intangibles, trademarks, patents, lost profits and consequential damages. Applicable for litigation, investments, commercialization and / or conversion into assets.

Copyright and media

It is possible to deposit the rights of an artistic, literary or software work with the possibility of licensing and obtaining royalties.

If you wish to obtain copyright of your work or software, please contact us.

Trademark Counterfeiting

Usurpation is understood as any malicious and fraudulent use of a sign identical or similar to a trademark that is duly registered and owned by another, in accordance with article 226 of Decision 486 of 2000.



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