Intangible Valuation

It is vitally important to recognize that the functionality of intangible assets can be measured according to their ability to generate income

The correct valuation of intangibles has the following benefits: recording the intangible as an asset in accordance with IFRS, valuing investments, presenting an expert opinion for litigation and marketing your intangible.

TM TAMAYO has a protocol for the valuation of intangibles, in which it always seeks to recognize the real value of the creations of the human intellect, seeking to determine the most favorable scope and form of exploitation for development.

A determining factor for the growth of companies and institutions lies in an optimal management of the exploitation of intellectual capital, exercising good control and assurance of potential risks, which TM TAMAYO has been in charge of guaranteeing its clients.

To value an intangible, it is necessary to take it to a defined business segment, in which the benefits that this development represents for a potential licensee or buyer can be calculated, so TM TAMAYO is in charge of suggesting a real business spectrum in which It is possible to commercialize the intangible, in order to establish the value of each intangible.

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