The registration of a patent in Colombia gives the owner the right of exclusivity over it, that is, it confers the exclusive power to directly or indirectly exploit the invention that was protected for a term of 20 years and empowers him to prevent third parties from people make use of the patent when they do so without the prior and express authorization of the owner.

In this sense, if a person who does not have any type of authorization to use the invention that has been protected by a patent decides to infringe it; The patent holder may file a lawsuit against the infringer and thus prevent further usurpation of the invention protected by patent.

In the processing of the process for patent usurpation, the interested party may request the Judge that the third-party offender:

  1. Stop using, manufacturing or selling the infringing product
  2. Destroy the infringing product samples in your possession and,
  3. Compensate the patent owner for the damages caused.


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