Trademark Counterfeiting

It is understood by usurpation any willful and fraudulent use of a sign identical or similar to a trademark that is duly registered and under the ownership of another, in accordance with article 226 of Decision 486 of 2000, will constitute unauthorized use of the well-known distinctive sign. the use thereof in its entirety or in an essential part, or a reproduction, imitation, translation or transliteration of the sign, likely to create confusion, in relation to identical or similar establishments, activities, products or services to which it applies.

It is clear that the usurpation of a trademark generates losses for its owner and has a direct impact on the company’s income.

It is for this reason that at TM TAMAYO, we take care of advising and finding the most suitable solution to ensure the rights and interests of our clients who have been victims of the usurpation of their brand and we provide them with the personalized and specialized attention they need to advance the pertinent legal procedures and thus prevent this infraction from continuing.